• Frans van Drimmelen

    "My ambition is to teach clients how to operate in the field of society and politics. Therefore I am happy to give them, in terms of fishermen, the rod."
  • Audrey Keukens

    I strive to advise the client with solutions which solve more than just the most acute problem.
  • Kirsten Verdel

  • Marlene ten Ham

    I see it as a challenge to bring people and interests together. To analyse the issues, and together with the client, build towards effective solutions and results.
  • Sekhar Lahiri

    My goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and improve their results by providing them with easy access to the EU political arena.
  • Stefanie Ros

    The arena of European policymaking is comparable to a complex game of chess. I enjoy providing clients with the right tools at the right moment to influence the game.
  • Ludivine Félix

    As a Public Affairs consultant you are the intermediary between industries, NGOs, associations and the EU decision-makers. I find it challenging but fascinating to take part in the policy-making process.
  • Luca Cassetti

    I think that working in the European Affairs and in the lobbying sector is a great opportunity to build a better and stronger Europe. Everyone can contribute to build our future.
  • Manon Reuters

    The European political arena is complex and fascinating. I am driven by analysing and explaining decision-making at the European level to our clients
  • Leonie Scholts

  • Pascal König

    European policy affects everything we do. I strive to help our clients understand the complex world of European policymaking and make the well-informed decisions they need to advance their business.
  • Piet Steel

    It has always been my ambition to be a privileged facilitator for corporate companies in getting access to the world of governments and international diplomacy, with a special focus on Belgium, my home country, the European Institutions and Asia.