Dr2 New Economy

Dr2 New Economy

Dr2 New Economy/Next Level Strategies connects organizations to the future. We create strategies for companies, governments and NGO's that redefine their position as a part of the circular economy. In the field of technology, energy, biobased economy, water- and wastemanagement, the team of Dr2 New Economy has a profound knowledge of (disruptive) innovations, worldwide trends and policymaking. We also connect you to a network of parties that think alike or were your former adversaries, because we strongly believe that the new economy needs new coalitions. The unique combination of skills, experience and network helps to develop business models that will take you to the next level.

Dr2 New Economy has offices in Shanghai, Brussels and The Hague. Please contact President Marieke van der Werf for further information:

Dr2 New Economy, Next Level Strategies, drs. Marieke C.I. van der Werf, + 31 (06) 50 41 98 96. 
Address of the Shanghai Office: 17/F Central Towers Tower A, 555 Langao Road, Shanghai, 200333, P.R. China. Website: www.dr2neweconomy.com


If you have any questions or if you would like to request a free first consult, please fill out this form. We will respond as soon as possible.

You can also contact us by phone:
070-392 02 12

"Altijd op zoek naar de verbinding tussen het belang van de organisatie en realisatie van een duurzame samenleving."
Marieke van der Werf
Partner en senior adviseur
"Het oneindige business model is mogelijk als ecologie en economie elkaar versterken"
Pepijn Duijvestein
Senior Business Innovator