Laura Contin

"I believe working in Public Affairs is key to the understanding of the complex procedures of the European Union. I like to guide clients through the infinite paths of the European policy-making and deliver strategic advice and political intelligence"

Laura Contin (1992) joined Dr2 Consultants in February 2017. Laura has a strong interest in political affairs and European politics. Laura obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages applied to International Relations from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. She then became highly enthusiast on European affairs issues and decided to start a Master in Contemporary European studies at University of Bath and Sciences Po, Paris.

Before joining Dr2 Consultants, Laura worked as European Affairs Trainee at European Magazine Media Association (EMMA). Thanks to this experience, she acquired a good knowledge of political affairs and has developed an even stronger interest in the European Union policies and decision making. Working in Dr2 Consultants and in the Public Affairs sector more specifically is highly challenging and represents to her the perfect bond between Laura’s passion for European politics and her interest in working and helping clients to shape their mind and decisions.