Anastasios Stampelos

"Interest representation and policy making is key to build a stronger Europe. Every client is facing a different challenge; it is fascinating to frame strategies and conveying messages matching their national and European needs. Working in such a stimulati"

Anastasios Stampelos (1991) joined Dr2 Consultants in April 2017 as a Public Affairs trainee.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Law from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, Anastasios worked as a Legal Assistant in a Greek law firm. He then followed a Master’s degree in Political Science at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2016. His high interest in European politics led him to pursue a second Master’s degree in European Public Affairs at Maastricht University, with special focus on interest representation in the EU.

His academic and professional background is offering a unique and targeted perspective on the European Union’s complex policy and decision making process. At Dr2 Consultants, Anastasios’ client-oriented approach is actively contributing to help clients shaping a successful strategy, promote their interests and achieve their goals in the European arena. 

Anastasios Stampelos

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