Our work

Corporate communications & public affairs

Dr2 Consultants is situated at the heart of the European quarter in Brussels. Our advisors support clients in developing and implementing European public affairs strategies.

Public affairs

Public affairs relates to the strategic representation of your organization’s interests towards governments, political parties and the public sphere. To us, public affairs is much more than just political lobbying, it is about knowledge. Knowledge of political decision-making processes, knowledge of developments in the public sphere and knowledge about how you can cooperate with other parties.
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Corporate communications

Our work in corporate communications focuses on societal communications. Your organization is in constant interaction with society and multiple stakeholders. Whether you are a corporate organization, institution or association, you operate in a world where stakeholders continuously interpret what they see, hear and experience. Many organizations consider their greatest asset to be their name or reputation but those can be made or broken in a split- second. This implies that corporate social responsibility is strongly linked to the behaviour and presentation of your organization.
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