Corporate communications

Corporate communications

Our work in corporate communications focuses on societal communications. Your organization is in constant interaction with society and multiple stakeholders. Whether you are a corporate organization, institution or association, you operate in a world where stakeholders continuously interpret what they see, hear and experience. Many organizations consider their greatest asset to be their name or reputation but those can be made or broken in a split- second. This implies that corporate social responsibility is strongly linked to the behaviour and presentation of your organization.

The expertise of Dr2 Consultants lies in identifying key societal issues and developments impacting your organization. This enables us to help you build or (re)structure your corporate identity and corporate image. Our strategy focuses on the crucial connection between corporate image and organizational behaviour. ‘Becoming who you are’ or ‘becoming who you want to be’: we help you to convincingly express your organization’s true identity in a way that is consistent with your societal context.


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"Ik wil klanten leren zich te bewegen in het maatschappelijke en politieke veld. Daarvoor reik ik ze, om in visserstermen te spreken, graag de hengel aan."
Frans van Drimmelen
Partner en senior adviseur
"Altijd op zoek naar de verbinding tussen het belang van de organisatie en realisatie van een duurzame samenleving."
Marieke van der Werf
Partner en senior adviseur