Advanced course: Advocacy and lobbying in the European Union

Together with the Clingendael Institute, Dr2 Consultants organizes a course on how to influence EU policy in an effective way in early 2017. Active and early influence is crucial to achieve results and to avoid possible ´misfits´ between European initiatives and the party´s own policy or company goals. This not only requires substantial preparations but also excellent communication and lobbying skills. In the course, the European arena, policy preparation within the European Commission, the role of the European Parliament and the Council, the (in)formal working culture and processes within these institutions will be discussed. You will prepare a short ´position paper´ based on your own file, you will practice lobbying and you will create a strategic plan for your approach. 

Is this course for you?

The training is meant for (policy) employees of the central government, decentralized authorities and public affairs employees at businesses or other organizations who are directly confronted with European legislative processes. This is an experienced and versatile public-private target group. The Clingendael Institute developed the training and is responsible for its content. In addition to the Clingendael training, Dr2 Consultants can offer you or your organization a tailor made two days programme in Brussels to enable you to put into practice what you’ve learned in a case based approach. This Brussels visit can also be requested separately from the Clingendael training.

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