Your business contributes to the digital revolution

Have you noticed rules coming from the EU are affecting your business? Did you know you can have a say in shaping new rules? Dr2 Consultants’ extensive experience can help you navigate the EU maze.

We believe your business knows best what a favorable regulatory environment should look like. The support of Dr2 Consultants empowers your organization to achieve the right conditions for your business to grow. We build synergies between EU decision making and your daily activities.

Dr2 Consultants has an excellent track record in understanding and adapting to the needs of our clients, with a portfolio that includes startups, trade associations, as well as large corporate companies. We have built up a strong network and in-depth expertise in a wide range of digital topics, ready to be mobilized to support your organization.

As a company that has rapidly grown in recent years thanks to the trust and endorsements of our clients in our work, building strong relationships and empowering your organization are at the core of our business.

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COVID-19: Acceleration of digitization, acceleration of regulation?

Digitization and new technologies are redefining many sectors of the European economy. Digital policy increasingly shapes other policy fields such as mobility, consumer protection, and trade. “Digital by default” policymaking becomes the new normal. In particular, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of more “traditional” businesses and sectors and has demonstrated the key role of technology in helping to solve today’s challenges.

In parallel, the COVID-19 crisis has also catalyzed the call for more regulation of the sector. The platform economy has been put under scrutiny when it comes to disinformation, consumer protection and concerns have been raised about our use of new technologies (contact tracing apps, use of biometric technologies,…) raising privacy concerns amongst other issues. The European Commission is pushing forward with public consultations and planned legislation in the digital sector such as the Digital Services Act or the legislation on Artificial Intelligence. The contribution of businesses will have a crucial impact in making these initiatives balanced and future-proof.

Navigating the EU decision-making processes has become fundamental for more and more businesses in Europe, as the COVID-19 crisis tremendously accelerates the digitization of our economy, and by implication it increases calls for further regulation of this fast-paced transition. Getting your message across and being part of the debate is extremely important as foundations for the future of our economy are laid down now.

Why is Dr2 Consultants different?

Dr2 Consultants’ core competency is to connect businesses with the EU. We pay great attention to understand how your organization works and how your daily operations are deployed, thereby establishing the right link with the most effective Public Affairs approach. By doing so, Dr2 Consultants empowers your organization so you can be successful in your advocacy towards EU policymaking.

Dr2 Consultants has built solid foundations in terms of expertise and network by providing support to all, stretching from local startups (felyx) to European associations (Ecommerce Europe) to bigger corporates (Google). We tailor our services, knowledge and expertise to support your organization in the most bespoke way and achieve the results that matter to you.

Empowerment: Dr2 Consultants guides organizations in becoming successful in analyzing, assessing and addressing the impact of the EU legislative processes at the right time and the right level. By addressing weaknesses and reinforcing strengths based on their organizational needs, Dr2 Consultants enables organizations in developing and embedding their Public Affairs activities. Dr2 Consultants aims at creating a sustainable relationship with clients where the colleagues in charge feel empowered to represent their companies in the EU arena.

Network: Dr2 Consultants excels an outstanding network of digital-focused policymakers and their offices, corporations and trade associations who acknowledge our expertise and are willing to provide us with behind-the-scene intelligence. The mutual trust within our established network allows us to draw knowledge from different sources, enabling us to support our clients in the most time and resource efficient manner. Dr2 Consultants builds on its network to create coalitions and platforms among like-minded stakeholders with the ultimate goal to make a meaningful impact.

Innovative Public Affairs: Dr2 Consultants has an eye for innovative Public Affairs solutions. Thinking outside the box is part of our everyday job: Dr2 Consultants works together with organizations which are frontrunners in their respective fields, therefore it is within our DNA to offer innovative solutions in supporting organizations’ Public Affairs activities.

Jasper Nagtegaal
Managing Partner