Dr2 Consultants Brussels welcomes Jeroen Lammers as Associate Partner

Dr2 Consultants is pleased to announce that Jeroen Lammers of Dr2 Consultants Copenhagen will from now on also share his international experience and network as associate partner of the Dr2 Consultants team in Brussels.

Jeroen has a wealth of experience in public affairs in the EU, the OECD, the Netherlands and Denmark in a wide range of policy issues such as taxation, corporate governance, sustainability, innovation and international trade.

Currently, Jeroen manages the Dr2 Consultants’ Copenhagen office in Denmark. He focuses on the policy areas of taxation, sustainability and digitalization and helps organizations with research-based impact assessments and public affairs strategies. He is also a lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School in international corporate tax law. Until 2019 Jeroen was Director Economic Policy at the Dutch business confederations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland.

The importance of global public affairs is growing, as policy areas and companies extend across borders and become more and more interconnected. The closer cooperation between the Dr2 Consultants’ offices in Brussels and Copenhagen underlines this and contributes to further increasing the impact for the clients of the global Dr2 network with offices in The Hague, Shanghai, New York, Copenhagen and Brussels.