Dr2 Consultants launches new EU Data Policy services

Is your organization ready for the new data economy?

Today, 17 February, one week before the publication of the European Commission’s proposal for a Data Act on 23 February, Dr2 Consultants launched its brand-new EU Data Policy services to keep track of EU legislation related to the data economy and support organizations in anticipating its impact as well as identify threats and opportunities.

Data is the cornerstone of every future development across our society and economy, ranging from technological innovations and transport to better energy consumption and privacy. Public and private organizations must prepare for the challenges to come and continuously integrate new policies in their daily business activities.

The European Union has developed a “European strategy for data”, which captures the benefits of better use of data, enhancing productivity and competition, and to become a world leader in the data economy. If you want to know more about what to expect from the Data Act, we have already published a blog post on the first leak.

Dr2 Consultants wants to support organizations in their efforts to anticipate future digital regulations in such a way that they can benefit from all potential opportunities for growth and innovation.


Over the last years, Dr2 Consultants has built up a track record in advising a broad range of clients in navigating the EU ecosystem. Whether your regulatory issues relate to infrastructure, data sharing, data privacy, regulation of service providers or digital policies in general, we, at Dr2 Consultants, have the expertise to support you in ensuring your organization can continue to operate and grow.

Jasper Nagtegaal, Managing Partner

Dr2 Consultants has built solid foundations in terms of expertise in digital policy and network by providing support to a wide range of stakeholders, from local start-ups and public institutions to European associations and large corporations.

Dr2 Consultants offers a full range of tailored public affairs services, from a data snapshot report and a comprehensive data impact scan, to data public affairs and communication campaigning, data policy monitoring, and wider EU public affairs trainings.

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For more information on the data-related legislative initiatives and the way they will impact your organization click here or feel free to reach out to Mr. Jasper Nagtegaal.

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