Dr2 Consultants opens new office in Shanghai

In addition to its offices in The Hague and Brussels, public affairs and corporate communication consultancy Dr2 Consultants is now opening an office in Shanghai. The move is in response to a growing demand from its Dutch and European clients for more information about China. Moreover, by establishing this office Dr2 Consultants also offers an entrance to Europe for Chinese clients. Dr2 Consultants will be working in China in coordination with the law firm R&P China Lawyers.  

Frans van Drimmelen, Director at Dr2 Consultants: ‘It is no secret that China is an attractive market for European companies, but has a difficult business climate. Knowledge is power in this respect, so from our new office in the economic heart of China we will offer our clients crucial guidance and information about local political and economic developments. This process also works vice versa, we are glad to help Chinese firms to access the European market.’

The new partnership with R&P China Lawyers gives clients the possibility to optimally manage their interests in China. Corporate communication and public affairs will be directly coupled with legal advice. Through this new cooperation, the client will receive access to different networks, years of experience and trusted service provision from both firms.

Maarten Roos, founder and Managing Director of R&P China Lawyers: ‘For most international companies it has become all about reaching the Chinese market, but competition is extremely fierce. Many of our clients are looking for a competitive edge, something that Dr2 Consultants will help us provide.’

Dr2 Consultants is specialised in corporate communication and public affairs. The firm supports governments, companies and interest groups by strengthening their position on social issues and securing political support. Dr2 Consultants has a long track record advising international clients with their strategy towards European policymakers. This work involves providing clients with a package of services, including the monitoring of political developments, strategic advice and lobbying.    

R&P China Lawyers is an experienced full-practice law firm that supports international companies with their business interests across China. Based in Shanghai and Beijing, the firm combines Chinese lawyers with experience supporting foreign business, with Western professionals that know China. R&P China Lawyers deeply understands the needs of its international clients and has the legal knowledge, practical experience and extensive resources in China to fulfill those needs.

Dr2 Consultants will keep its office at R&P China Lawyers.

For more information please contact:
Stefanie Ros
Tel: +86 21 61738270
17/F Central Towers Tower A
555 Langao Road
Shanghai, 200333, P.R. China