Dr2 Consultants Shanghai is looking for a Senior advisor (business development)

Dr2 Consultants Shanghai specializes in market entry and –expansion services for European companies in China, and Chinese companies in Europe. We help SMEs and multinationals to invest along the China-Europe axis. In doing so, we work closely together with governments and associations. From doing market research to improving collaboration with Chinese business partners, Dr2 Consultants is a trusted strategic advisory partner in every step of the way.
Dr2 Consultants Shanghai is part of consultancy firm Dröge & Van Drimmelen, which also has offices in The Hague and Brussels. Our international team of consultants cooperates closely, building upon our extensive networks to create meaningful business opportunities for our clients. Dröge & Van Drimmelen was founded in The Hague in 1999.
The strength of our firm lies in the quality of its 45 employees, who are actively engaged in their communities and who stay up to date on the latest developments in their profession and the world surrounding them. It is necessary that our consultants know the challenges and opportunities of doing business abroad. We take organizations by the hand and guide them through a complex set of rules and regulations and ever-changing local market circumstances.

Job description
Dr2 Consultants Shanghai is looking for a senior advisor who can identify and create significant business opportunities for our clients in China and Europe.

As a senior advisor you are responsible for the strategic advisory of our clients. You will do this for example through a strategic session with the CEO of a multinational company, a market entry plan for the board of directors, or in a conversation between you and an executive within a trade association or local government. All the while keeping the client’s interests in mind.

The field we are in is very diverse and covers multiple sectors. Dr2 Consultants Shanghai advises companies in the retail, circular economy/sustainability, waste management, and smart mobility sectors, among others. The senior advisor is expected to deliver a meaningful contribution to one or more of these sectors. Next to this, the senior advisor is able to bring in new clients to the firm.

– academic level of professional and intellectual ability
– 8-10 years relevant working experience within China-Europe business relations
– extensive experience in business development
– actively engaged in Chinese and/or European business and government communities
– has an entrepreneurial mindset and a good nose for commercial opportunities
– broad network within the field (and possibly within a specific sector)
– able to clearly express complex matters in written and spoken English and Mandarin
– socially and/or politically engaged
– strong general business acumen

Do you recognize yourself in the profile above, or would you like to receive more information? Please contact Mr. Frans van Drimmelen (CEO and senior advisor) at