Encouraging dialogue between businesses and policy-makers

European associations: Intermediary between businesses and policy makers

At Dr2 consultants we have experience in association management for sectors like the e-commerce sector and the healthy lifestyle sector. Knowing that more than 80% of legislation directly affecting European businesses comes from Brussels, being present and (pro)active at the European Union level is essential. Being represented under the umbrella of a European association is a good way to be in constant contact with policy-makers and to be stronger by building common positions with other similar businesses across Europe. Through representatives based in Brussels, associations convey the business interests directly to the policy makers.

Bringing together industry and policy-makers

One way of bringing together and encouraging dialogue between the industry, spread throughout Europe, and policy makers, is through events. In this context, Dr2 Consultants organized last week the Global Ecommerce Round Table (29 May 2016) gathering 60 executives from e-commerce associations around the world and the Ecommerce Europe Annual conference (30 May 2016, 300 visitors) as part of the Global Ecommerce Summit in Barcelona. Both events were the biggest of their kind so far and fostered fruitful discussions amongst key e-commerce stakeholders.

Working towards a common goal: stimulating the European growth

During these events, Dr2 Consultants oriented the discussions towards the current challenges the e-commerce industry is facing. In a more and more digital world, the sector is indeed booming, but its full potential has not yet been reached. European policy makers aim to make policy that stimulates economic growth and jobs by opening up the European market. But in practice, barriers remain for businesses, such as the lack of harmonization concerning for instance on VAT rules or consumer rights, lack of information on other countries’ legislation or lack of transparency on the different services offered and prices across Europe. Bringing together the industry and policy-makers in these events creates a dialogue between the two and helps legislators to better grasp the reality of the market. Together, they can work on updating and improving the current legislation in order to stimulate the European growth.