Fact of the week – A few more days to have your say on crucial EU-China investment agreement

The 16th European-China Summit which took place in Beijing in November 2013 was a historic one. During this Summit, the EU and China formally launched negotiations for an investment agreement. The aim of this agreement currently under discussion is to increase bilateral investment flows by tackling barriers to the making of an investment and to provide for a fair, transparent and predictable legal framework for investors in the EU and in China.

Once concluded successfully, the agreement will replace the 26 bilateral investment protection-only agreements currently in place between China and 27 EU Member States, thus providing an equal level of access to the market and a high level of protection for all EU investors in China, irrespective of the specific Member State of origin. Seeing as China and the EU now trade well over €1 billion a day, but investment from EU to China still only accounts for 2-3% of the total exports, this agreement could be crucial in unlocking the untapped potential of the vast China market.

However, the European Commission cannot conclude this agreement in a meaningful way without collecting input from businesses experiencing the trade barriers between EU and China in their day-to-day practice. Therefore the European policy makers have now decided to collect the main issues from the businesses to feed into the negotiations. Accordingly, you can now uniquely have your say directly in the impact of this agreement. Your answers will be treated anonymously and will be published in a final report.

You can find the questionnaire by clicking on this link. It is only open for a few more days, so don’t miss this opportunity to contribute directly to what will be quite possibly the most historic investment agreement of all time!