Jasper Nagtegaal Managing Partner at Dr2 Consultants

Dr2 Consultants is pleased to announce Jasper Nagtegaal (1985) as new Managing Partner. Nagtegaal has a professional background in maritime and logistics, he has fulfilled several pivotal roles predominantly related to Public Affairs and Business Development.

Jasper Nagtegaal will succeed Marlene ten Ham, who will return with her family to the Netherlands. Ten Ham – who contributed to the impressive growth of Dr2 Consultants over the previous ten years – will continue to work for organisations in (re)shaping their corporate and external affairs. Ten Ham will remain involved as Dr2 Associate Partner.

At Dr2 Consultants, alongside Managing Partner Margreet Lommerts, Nagtegaal will manage the international team of twenty colleagues and work for a wide range of clients including corporations, NGOs and European associations. Nagtegaal is looking forward to contributing to the further expansion of Dr2 Consultants in Brussels.