Marlene ten Ham partner at Dr2 Consultants

Marlene ten Ham (1983) has been appointed as a partner at Dr2 Consultants. Ten Ham has worked for Dröge & van Drimmelen for more than five years now, of which one-and-a-half years as managing partner of Dr2 Consultants, the Brussels office of this Dutch consultancy. Before she joined Dröge & van Drimmelen she worked as a communications- and policy consultant and as an assistant to several Members of Parliament in the Netherlands.

At Dr2 Consultants, together with her eight international colleagues, Ten Ham works for a wide range of clients, from individual companies and NGOs to European umbrella organizations. In this light she has been appointed Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe in 2015, the European umbrella organization for 25,000+ companies that sell products and/or services online to consumers. Next to this she advises amongst others Global Human Rights Watch, Dutch Pilots’ Corporation, and KPMG, and she provides public affairs training for government officials and public affairs professionals in cooperation with Clingendael.