News alert: Dr2 Consultants opens Brexit office

Tomorrow, on 31 January, the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union, and the two parties will have eleven months to negotiate a formal trade agreement regulating trade relations between from 2021 onwards.

The Brexit brings uncertainties for companies currently based in the UK with many of them considering to move their headquarters to the EU where they can enjoy the benefits of the single market. Being the capital of the European Union and having an excellent geographical location with the vicinity of other European capitals, it is no surprise that numerous companies have looked at Belgium as a potential new location. Belgium is strategically located in the heart of Europe with access to critical infrastructure for maritime, rail and road transport.

Belgium, however, having no less than six governments, is a complicated political environment, where competences are spread over different levels. Guidance in the Belgian and European maze is therefore essential to develop businesses in Belgium.

Dr2 Consultants, a well-established Public Affairs consultancy based in Brussels, helps businesses find their best locations in Belgium and assist them to build constructive and long-lasting relations with Belgian and European stakeholders, develop and implement comprehensive Public Affairs strategies.

If you want to know more about our Brexit services, please visit our dedicated web page and do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.