Sustainability is more important than ever

The European Commission (2019-2024) has presented the European Green Deal as one of its key political priority of its mandate. The European Green Deal aims to mainstream sustainability in all policy fields with a specific focus on climate-neutrality by 2050, circular economy, sustainable food systems and biodiversity. The Commission claims that economic growth must be decoupled from resource use and therefore, significant changes are required in the way we produce, market, consume and trade.

Contrary to the fear that the COVID-19 pandemic would put pressure on the green agenda of the coming years, the Commission has shown its commitment to accelerate the green transition during the phase of economic recovery, as the investments via the Next Generation EU Recovery Fund and 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) will be closely linked to the European Green Deal, offering ample opportunities, but also challenges for businesses at the EU level.

Curious to find out which opportunities the Green Deal offers to the specific situation of your organization? Find out how the European Green Deal will impact your organization with our Impact Scan.

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Define your own approach

The European green transition will have a profound impact on your business. Whether you are already fully circular or a leading company in a specific field or whether you are confronted by these new developments, the transition presents both opportunities and challenges.

Dr2 Consultants will support you in finding an individual approach that best suits your unique situation, whether you want to share best practices with policymakers or to shape concrete legislation. In doing so, we take into account your specific wishes to ensure you are empowered by our Public Affairs support.

Why is Dr2 Consultants different?

Our experience in dealing with specific sustainability themes allows us to identify clear-cut opportunities and threats for organizations dealing with the green transition.

Dr2 Consultants has an excellent track record in understanding and adapting to the needs of our clients, with a portfolio that includes start-ups, trade associations, as well as large corporate companies. As a company that has rapidly grown in recent years thanks to the trust and endorsements of our clients, building strong relationships and empowering your organization are at the core of our business.

Ward Scheelen