A European economy based on integrated energy markets and sustainable transport

The EU’s transport and energy sectors are in the midst of a critical transition towards climate neutrality. Following the publication of the European Green Deal, the European Commission has presented a broad range of legislative initiatives with the aim to decarbonize both sectors by 2050.

With measures including the expansion of carbon pricing, the introduction of legislation in hard-to-abate sectors and the reinforcement of existing energy policies, EU policymakers are proactively shaping the legislative framework for the future. In addition, the new complex geopolitical situation is already accelerating the green agenda in order to meet the growing need for energy independency, new, clean energy sources and to break away from fossil fuels.

In this challenging context, where coordinated measures from the EU Member States is more important than ever, businesses need to be able to adapt and respond to the changing environment. Dr2 Consultants’ Transport & Energy practice can help you navigate the EU maze, anticipate on opportunities and challenges deriving from the EU’s legislative framework, and support you in the transition towards a new sustainable economy.

How will the EU legislation related to transport and energy impact your business?

Following the publication of the European Green Deal, the European Commission has presented various legislative packages, including the ‘Fit for 55’ package (read more in our blog post), the ‘Efficient & Green Mobility’ package and the Hydrogen and Decarbonized Gas Market’ package, which set the prerequisites for the net-zero goals for the transport and energy sectors and are expected to dominate the policy agenda of the EU institutions for the years ahead.

These landmark publications are expected to impact business operations in a wide array of industries in various ways, triggering innovation and reinforcing the EU’s leadership on climate adaptation on a global scale, for example by:

Accelerating the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure across the EU

Increasing the share of renewable energies in the transport sector

Extending the EU Emissions Trading System to cut back emissions in maritime shipping and road transport

Boosting a modal shift in freight and passenger transport to rail transport and inland waterways

Advancing the production and import of renewable hydrogen in order to diversify the EU’s energy supplies

Supporting 100 EU cities to spearhead the transition in becoming climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030

In this transformation towards a new sustainable economy, an open dialogue between the EU institutions and industry is of vital importance to ensure compatibility between sectors, kickstart emerging techniques and guarantee a fair and just transition. As such, your solutions can be instrumental to ensure future-proof legislation.

Why is Dr2 Consultants different?

Dr2 Consultants’ core competency is to connect businesses with the EU. Based on our expertise and network in the transport & energy sectors, we can connect policy trends to business opportunities and establish the right link with the most effective Public Affairs approach for your business to grow.

Dr2 Consultants’ Transport & Energy practice has an outstanding network of transport and energy focused policymakers and their offices, corporations and trade associations who acknowledge our expertise and are ready to provide us with behind-the-scene intelligence.

Dr2 Consultants has an eye for innovative Public Affairs solutions. Thinking outside the box is part of our everyday job: Dr2 Consultants works together with organizations, which are frontrunners in the transport and energy sectors, therefore it is within our DNA to offer innovative solutions in supporting organizations’ Public Affairs activities.

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Weekly Fit for 55 policy updates

In the context of the publication of the Fit for 55 package, Dr2 Consultants provides weekly policy updates on the decision-making process and the latest political developments in the EU institutions, including developments related to the adoption of EU sanctions on Russia and the impact of the overall energy crisis on the Fit for 55 initiatives.

Events and webinars

Dr2 Consultants organizes regular events and webinars with distinguished policymakers and industry representatives to discuss current matters in the areas of transport and energy. Every year we organize the Annual Transport & Energy Networking Event. Subscribe here to get our event invitations.

Viktória Vajnai
Managing Partner