Public Affairs strategies

Building a successful Public Affairs strategy starts by developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s mission and interests.

Dr2 Consultants supports you in the strategic positioning of your organization in Brussels, taking into account your goals and targets for the mid to long-term, and identifying the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Our expertise in the development of Public Affairs strategies includes:

  • Developing a targeted stakeholder mapping to engage with and influence key political stakeholders;
  • Building a coalition to strengthen a lobby;
  • Researching and continuously monitoring the relevant policy landscape and how developments affect your organization’s goals and interests, including behind-the-scenes intelligence;
  • Establishing trustworthy relationships with key policy-makers in order to provide a credible representation of your organization;
  • Ensuring that the Public Affairs strategy mitigates the risks and opportunities of the legislative environment, while bringing it close and aligned with your business requirements.

Training & coaching

Our trainings are tailored and focused on your needs. A typical Public Affairs training provides both theoretical and practical insights in the EU, its institutions, advocacy and how Brussels works. Dr2 Consultants focuses on strengthening and improving your knowledge, while providing you with useful tools so that you can deliver your messages and interests effectively.

Dr2 Consultants offers dedicated EU Affairs Trainings where participants acquire knowledge on and experience in:  ​

  • The ins and outs of the EU inter-institutional relations and the decision-making procedures;
  • The changing political dynamics at EU level, such as projections of the new priorities of the European Commission;
  • A comprehensive overview of an effective Public Affairs strategy and innovative Public Affairs instruments and tools, including tips and tricks from our experienced Public Affairs professionals on how to develop and communicate your messages;
  • A case study that links theory to practice by applying a Public Affairs strategy, which takes the current political context into account.
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Policy monitoring

Policy and media monitoring is a time-intensive process. Public Affairs campaigning is more efficient when in-depth monitoring is executed daily. Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience and resources to monitor developments at EU level, providing a clear, concise and tailor-made monitoring service with all relevant political and legislative developments. Based on your needs, Dr2 Consultants also delivers targeted Public Affairs advice based on the monitoring services.

Our expertise in policy monitoring includes:

  • Regular updates on latest developments of relevant policy areas;
  • Up-to-date information on the status of decision-making process for each relevant file;​
  • Tailored overview of the opportunities and threats that can affect your business;​
  • A more effective and targeted stakeholder outreach with the help of tailored advice provided along with the monitoring services.
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Management consulting

Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in supporting organizations to fully integrate Public Affairs activities into their operations. Dr2 Consultants identifies relevant aspects of the workflow including procedures, information exchange and internal structures and realigns these dynamics in order to successfully integrate a Public Affairs strategy within the organization.

Our expertise in management consulting includes:

  • A quick scan of existing Public Affairs activities and structures;
  • Advice on how to best structure the Public Affairs activities;
  • Support in implementing advice.

Association management

A well-established association includes a diverse membership and provides a platform for companies to cooperate with each other with an interest to speak with one voice in areas of common ground. Joining forces within an association enables the consolidation of the industry’s views and promotion of its message via coordinated Public Affairs activities with EU policy-makers and regulators.

Our expertise in association management includes:

  • Establishing or restructuring associations;
  • Setting up and managing the secretariat and representation in Brussels;
  • Governing the working groups within the association;
  • Strategic planning and defining Public Affairs strategies;
  • Event management, communication and PR.

Furthermore, Dr2 Consultants is your ideal partner in offering flexible solutions to strengthen your organization. Our highly-skilled Public Affairs and communication colleagues are ready to support your organization either at the start of a new project, during an expansion, with temporary replacement, or when implementation of your Public Affairs and/or communication activities is needed. ​