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Belgian politics is complex by nature. The Kingdom has six governments and six parliaments (without even mentioning the European Parliament), meaning that competences are also spread over different levels.

It is essential to comprehend the state of play of every level of government as well as the sometimes-intricate relations between those levels in order to identify where to efficiently engage. Dr2 Consultants closely monitors Belgian political developments and analyzes the impact of specific policy areas that affect your business. Our approach has enabled us to become the preferred agency for international companies which are or want to become active on the Belgian market.

Together with you, we develop a political narrative based on your strategic objectives and we empower your organization to ensure your voice is heard by the relevant policymakers. Dr2 Consultants gladly guides your organization through the world of Belgian Public Affairs.

Why Dr2 Consultants is different?

Our team is able to translate your organization’s strategic goals in targeted Public Affairs activities and knows how to navigate through the Belgian political maze.

Dr2 Consultants distinguishes itself in 3 ways:

We mainly support international organizations becoming active on the Belgian market which are not familiar with the complexity of Belgian politics and the decision-making process.

We understand the impact of European legislation and offer an international helicopter view (EU) to proactively engage with national stakeholders.

Our multinational team and historical link to our parent company in The Hague ensure we are on top of policy developments in both Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Therefore, we can offer unique Benelux Public Affairs services.

Dr2 Consultants has laid a solid foundation in terms of expertise and network by offering support to a wide range of organizations, from local start-ups to European associations to large companies.


Public Affairs strategies

Dr2 Consultants offers support in developing and executing effective Public Affairs strategies to navigate you through the Belgian regulatory maze.

Policy monitoring

Dr2 Consultants keeps you informed and up to speed with the legislative processes at all relevant regional and community levels. This is essential for the development and execution of successful Public Affairs strategies.

Training & coaching

Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in delivering Public Affairs trainings. We provide both theoretical and practical insights in the Belgian political world, deep-diving in its institutions and legislative process, and guiding you through advocacy methods and tools.

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Network building

Dr2 Consultants helps you to build long-lasting relationships with key Belgian policymakers to provide credible representation of your organization.