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Belgian Public Affairs Maze

Belgian politics is a handful. The Kingdom has six governments and six parliaments (without even mentioning the European Parliament), meaning that competences are also spread over different levels.

It is essential to comprehend the state of play of every level of government as well as the sometimes intricate relations between those levels in order to identify where to efficiently engage. Dr2 Consultants closely monitors Belgian political developments and analyses the impact of specific policy areas that affect your business.

Together with you, we develop a political narrative based on your strategic objectives and we empower your organization to ensure your voice is heard by the relevant policymakers. Dr2 Consultants gladly guides your organization through the world of Belgian Public Affairs.


  • Public Affairs strategies: Dr2 Consultants offers support in developing and executing effective Public Affairs strategies to navigate you through the Belgian regulatory maze;
  • Policy monitoring: Dr2 Consultants keeps you informed and up to speed with the legislative processes at all relevant regional and community levels. This is essential for the development and execution of successful Public Affairs strategies;
  • Training & coaching: Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in delivering Public Affairs training. We provide both theoretical and practical insights in the Belgian political world, deep-diving in its institutions and legislative process, and guiding you through advocacy methods and tools;
  • Network-building: Dr2 Consultants helps you to build long-lasting relationships with key Belgian policymakers to provide credible representation of your organization.

Why Dr2 Consultants is different?

Dr2 Consultants empowers your organization so you can be successful in your advocacy towards policymaking in Belgium. Our team knows not only how to navigate through the Belgian political maze, but also takes into account how your organization works and what your strategic goals are, so that we can assist you in your Public Affairs activities in the most effective way.

Dr2 Consultants has laid a solid foundation in terms of expertise and network by offering support organizations from local startups to European associations to large companies. As we want every client to meet their interests, we ensure to provide you with tailor-made services for your company.

And what can we do for you?

Our Belgian Public Affairs clients

Belgian Young Professional (BYP) Network 

Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world, with 62% of its inhabitants born in another country or with a migration background. You would almost forget that Brussels is not only a metropolis and the capital of the European Union, but also the capital of Belgium. A bustling city where Flemish, Walloon and Brussels residents live and work.

Almost 10% of the Belgian working population is active in Brussels. Among them also a lot of young ambitious people who are working on their career in Public Affairs.

That is why the Belgian Young Professional (BYP) Network aims to gather young professionals active in Belgian Public Affairs at all levels (from regional to federal to European levels), whether you are working as political staffer, lawyer, civil servant, in the press or as a service provider.

The objective of this informal network is to allow you to grow your network, make friends, find business partners, talk about our common passion that is politics and Public Affairs, and exchange experiences and best practices in the art of Belgian Public Affairs.

We enable young professionals (aged 35 and under) to meet four times a year to talk about politics, topical political issues and exchange Public Affairs experiences, best practices and tips in an informal atmosphere during our quarterly networking drinks.


  • Young minds involved in Belgian politics and Public Affairs;
  • Flemish, Walloon, Bruxellois, and German-speaking professionals working in Public Affairs in regional to federal to European Public Affairs.


  • Bring together Belgians who deal with politics and Public Affairs;
  • Chat about the same passion towards politics and Public Affairs;
  • Discuss politics and topical issues;
  • Exchange Public Affairs experiences, best practices and tips;
  • Increase your network.


  • Four networking drinks per year;
  • Our drinks are held in an informal atmosphere

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Cathy Kremer
Senior Consultant