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Dr2 Consultants offers clarity to companies during the COVID-19 crisis

The fight against the spread of COVID-19 has unprecedented consequences for the daily life of almost everyone and puts pressure on the global economy. The crisis leads to questions and uncertainty and companies ultimately try to anticipate and mitigate the impact on their daily business operations.

The European Commission is taking the necessary measures to ease the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the European economy, by proposing contingency measures on economic, monetary and logistical level, as well as the establishment of emergency funds to provide financial support to national governments and businesses. In addition, the anticipated recovery measures for the post-COVID-19 era will have a major impact on the EU budget and the EU policy agenda. In this challenging context, it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the latest developments and to be flexible in order to adjust and act quickly. Dr2 Consultants supports your organization in getting a better grip on the contingency and recovery measures that are announced at EU level.

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The added value of Dr2 Consultants

Our core competency is to connect businesses with the EU and empower our clients in developing the right conditions to position themselves strategically at EU level. This is what we do the best even in times of crisis. Our strategic advice is threefold:

Providing support with the interpretation of the contingency measures at EU level in order to address and adjust daily business operations (identifying opportunities and threats).

Identifying the relevant emergency funds, which your company can apply for both at EU and national level.

Dr2 Consultants works together with Hezelburcht, a grant consultancy with 25 years of experience in providing grant and funding support services at national and EU level.

Assessing the impact of the anticipated recovery measures on the EU budget and the EU policy agenda.

Dr2 Consultants’ COVID-19 services

Weekly COVID-19 monitor

A weekly COVID-19 monitor presents an overview of the announced contingency measures and emergency funds relevant for your company. The monitoring enables you to anticipate on opportunities and threats.

COVID-19 impact scan

A COVID-19 impact scan analyzes the impact of potential COVID-19 scenarios on the business operations of your company.

COVID-19 action plan

A tailor-made action plan prepares your company for a post-COVID-19 era and enables you to effectively represent your interests at EU level.

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Jasper Nagtegaal
Managing Partner