Dr2 Academy

Why Dr2 Academy?

The Dr2 Academy provides you with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively deliver messages at EU level. As a Public Affairs professional, much of your work is dedicated to getting the commitment of your organization in order to operate effectively in Brussels. The Dr2 Academy supports you and your organization in striking the right balance and setting the right conditions for your business to grow.

Why is it important for you?  

Are you aware of upcoming EU legislation? Do you know how these initiatives will impact your business operations? Are you on top of the latest Public Affairs tools and instruments in order to get your messages across? Do you find it difficult to find a balance between your activities in Brussels and connecting with colleagues within your organization?

The Dr2 Academy offers a wide range of tailor-made services targeted to organizations and professionals active in public or private sectors and whose work is impacted by EU policies. The Dr2 Academy provides support in:

  • Providing you with knowledge about how the EU institutions work, state-of-the-art Public Affairs strategies, innovative tools and instruments that are necessary for effective and efficient Public Affairs activities in Brussels and in the Member States;
  • Empowering Public Affairs professionals through one-on-one coaching sessions in order to become more confident and independent in executing the job;
  • Setting up the right organizational structure to (re)align internal dynamics and fully integrate Public Affairs activities into the daily business operations.

Dr2 Academy services

EU Public Affairs trainings

Tailor-made EU Affairs trainings that will help organizations effectively define and represent their interests in Brussels by combining theory with practice.

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One-on-one coaching sessions to support and empower Public Affairs professionals in obtaining and fulfilling their mandate.

Public Affairs structure

Strategic advice and practical tools that help organizations in (re)structuring internal dynamics in order to support the implementation and execution of Public Affairs activities.

Tailored to your needs

Our experienced Public Affairs professionals can adapt the services so that they fit the needs of your organization. Our Dr2 Academy services can be tailored through:

  • Applying the right level of knowledge of the EU decision-making procedures and the Public Affairs practice;
  • Applying our services to your policy areas of interest, i.e. sustainability, digital/tech and transport;
  • Focusing on the latest political dynamics in the EU, such as the priorities of the European Commission or the impact of the European Green Deal on your business operations;
  • Organizing site-visits with targeted Members of the European Parliament, Attachés from the Council of the EU, and senior policymakers from the European Commission;
  • Role-playing in negotiation and conversation simulation games with our experienced trainers.

Why Dr2 Consultants?

At Dr2 Consultants, we believe in setting the right conditions for your business to grow. Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in providing trainings and strategic advice for organizations and Public Affairs professionals across Europe to help you navigate the EU maze.

We pay great attention to understanding how organizations work and daily operations are managed. As such, we recognize the challenges of realizing effective Public Affairs. As a result of our client portfolio that includes start-ups, trade associations and corporate companies, we can quickly grasp and adapt to your needs.

Niels van den Ouden