EU Data Policy Services

Targeted services to anticipate the impact of EU legislation related to data

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EU Data Policy Services

Targeted services to anticipate the impact of EU legislation related to data

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A data-driven leap forward

To keep up with a rapid digitization of all sectors of our society, the European Union has developed a strategy for “Europe Fit for the Digital Age”, which is an overarching plan to achieve the digital transformation of our society and economy. A recurrent focus in this strategy is data.

Dr2 Consultants supports organizations in their efforts to understand and anticipate future legislation related to data in such a way that they can mitigate risks and benefit from opportunities to grow and innovate.

Why is this important for your organization?

Regulating data and data-related matters are an increasing focus of the EU legislator. If you use data in your organization, there is a high chance that you will be impacted by legislation from the European Union.

Data sharing


Data privacy

Data infrastructure

Connected mobility

Smart energy


New technologies

What to expect from EU data legislation?


EU Data Policy 2022 Timeline
EU Data Policy 2022 Timeline

For more information on the data-related legislative initiatives and the way they will impact your organization, feel free to reach out to Managing Partner Jasper Nagtegaal.

What can Dr2 Consultants do for you?

Dr2 Consultants has the expertise to help you navigate through the EU maze of data-related policymaking and support you in public affairs, policy monitoring, strategic communication in the data-related environment.

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The Data Snapshot report provides a breakdown of the relevant initiatives in the data-related legislative field. Dr2 Consultants provides you with the right information to allow your organization to anticipate on opportunities and risks that will affect your business.

  • Analysis of the legislative proposals in the data-related field relevant to your organization, including advice on recommended next steps.
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Comprehensive Data

Impact Scan

The Impact Scan analyzes thoroughly the EU data-related legislation tailored to your corporate strategy and operations. The service can support your organization by delivering detailed and tailor-made strategic advice to put your organization on track towards 2030.

  • Detailed impact assessment of the legislative proposals of the data-related legislation relevant to your organization;
  • A strategy meeting to further explain the impact of the proposals on your organization and determine the opportunities and risks;
  • Comprehensive stakeholder mapping within the EU institutions as well as industry stakeholders;
  • Detailed matchmaking of your business operations with EU funding opportunities*;
  • Tailor-made strategic advice on how to position your organization towards stakeholders at EU level, find the best moments of engagement and capitalize on EU funding opportunities.

*Dr2 Consultants works together with Hezelburcht, a grant consultancy with 25 years of experience in providing grant and funding support services at EU level.

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Data Public Affairs

and Communication

Through the design and implementation of a Public Affairs and Communication campaign, Dr2 Consultants empowers you to have a say in shaping the rules that affect your business and sets the right conditions to strategically position your organization at EU level.

Includes all the deliverables of the Impact Scan plus:

  • A political narrative and a set of key policy messages to convey to stakeholders at EU level;
  • Tailor-made advice on how to embed the Public Affairs and Communication Strategy in your corporate strategy and structure;
  • An overview of opportunities for coalition-building and/or association management;
  • A targeted Action Plan with communication and public affairs tools.
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Data Policy


The Data Policy Monitoring services provide regular up-to-date information and ad hoc policy alerts on all relevant data-related political and legislative developments at the EU level. Dr2 Consultants will tailor the service to your priorities and interests.

  • Regular updates on latest developments of relevant policy areas;
  • Up-to-date information on the status of decision-making process for each relevant file;
  • Tailored overview of the opportunities and threats that can affect your business;
  • A more effective and targeted stakeholder outreach with the help of tailored advice provided along with the monitoring services.
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Learn more about our digital/tech services

Digital policy updates

In the context of the publication of the legislative initiatives in the digital field, Dr2 Consultants provides monthly policy updates, including blog posts, interviews and videos on the legislative landscape and the latest political developments in the EU institutions.

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Events on EU data-related legislation

Dr2 Consultants hosts events and webinars on a regular basis. Thanks to our network, we invite key actors from the EU institutions and industry stakeholders to discuss the current as well as the upcoming legislative proposals that will dominate the policy agenda.


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Digital EU Public Affairs Trainings

Dr2 Academy offers EU Public Affairs trainings, workshops and learning programs fully tailored to the digital/tech field. The service will help you understand the impact and opportunities of the overarching Europe Fit for the Digital Age strategy on your organization.

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