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The energy crisis and energy transition, as well as the EU’s climate and sustainability ambitions pose pressing questions on public and private organisations to adapt and respond to societal needs, whether they aim to be front-runners or merely ensure compliance.

Dr2 Consultants is ready to support your organisation in identifying how existing and upcoming EU legislation will affect your business and help you in strategically positioning your organisation towards the EU institutions.

Why is it important for your organisation?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis have demonstrated that some of the most pressing issues of our time can only be solved through coordinated measures from the EU Member States.

Organisations are challenged to make tough decisions on how to adapt their business operations, whether they are already front-runners, trying to integrate sustainable practices in their business model, or merely want to comply with EU legislation. Decarbonising the value chain, accelerating the transition towards the production and use of renewable sources and improving energy efficiency practices will offer opportunities and risks, both policy and funding related.

How will the EU Energy and Climate legislation impact your organisation?

In this challenging context, the EU has launched various measures to tackle the energy crisis and prevent disruptions of the energy market and has increased its climate ambitions.

Energy transition

REPowerEU plan (efficiency measures, renewables, diversification)

Gas Demand Reduction Plan

Structural reform of the electricity market

Funding and investments opportunities (renewable hydrogen, biomethane and LNG)


European Green Deal

Fit for 55

Efficient & Green Mobility Package

Greening Freight Package

What can Dr2 Consultants do for you?

Would you like to understand the impact of these measures on your organisation? Do you need support in adapting your business and/or operations to existing or future climate and energy legislation? Do you have an innovative product that could unlock funding opportunities?

Dr2 Consultants can help you to identify the impact that the EU legislative framework has or will have on your organisation and advise you how to better connect to the EU and to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats.

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Energy and Climate Policy &

Funding Impact Scan

The EU Energy and Climate Policy & Funding Impact Scan will provide organizations with a comprehensive mapping and analysis of how EU energy and climate-related policies will affect your organisations’ activities, identifying opportunities and risks. It will do so through a combination of desk research and targeted interviews with organisations’ strategic and operational decision-makers.

EU Public

Affairs Strategy

Through the development and implementation of an EU Public Affairs Strategy, Dr2 Consultants empowers you to proactively influence the rules that affect your business and sets the right conditions to strategically position your organisation at EU level.

EU Policy


The EU Energy & Climate Policy Monitoring services provide regular up-to-date information and ad hoc policy alerts on all relevant energy and climate-related political and legislative developments at the EU level. Dr2 Consultants will tailor the service to your priorities and interests.

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Weekly Energy & Climate Policy Updates

In the context of the publication of the legislative initiatives in the energy and climate field, Dr2 Consultants provides weekly policy updates, including blog posts and the latest political developments in the EU institutions. Click on the button below to subscribe.

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Dr2 Consultants hosts events and webinars on a regular basis. During our events, we engage with key actors from the EU institutions and industry to discuss the current as well as the upcoming legislative proposals that will dominate the policy agenda.


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