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The transition to a sustainable economy and business model is currently one of the major transformations organizations and companies are confronted with. On a global level, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations serve as an urgent call for action and a blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future. On a European level, the EU has the ambition to transform to a truly sustainable economy and become carbon neutral by 2050. To help organizations achieve their sustainable future, we have launched our Sustainability Consulting services.

There is no doubt that now is the time for companies to adjust to this new reality. However, where to start when aiming for meaningful, long-term commitments? How to understand the impact and act upon all the policy developments at EU and global level? How to set up and maintain a successful sustainability strategy? How to ensure you comply with the latest reporting obligations? Or how to measure, understand and reduce your carbon emissions?

Sustainability Consulting services

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To help your organization successfully thrive in this complicated transition, Dr2 Consultants and its expert partners provide a comprehensive and tailored set of Sustainability Consulting services delivering all the tools needed by your organization to achieve its sustainable future. Besides providing advice on how to be compliant with EU environmental policies, we will also help you understand the (future) impact of such legislation on your overall operations and supply chains. Moreover, our Sustainability Consulting services will enable you to assess your environmental impact and develop a sustainability strategy that ensures your company maintains its license to operate in the future.

 A personalized and targeted roadmap

The Sustainability Consulting offered by Dr2 Consultants and its partners is delivered through a personalized and targeted roadmap to support you in ensuring your activities are in line with the EU’s climate and environmental ambitions and in strengthening or maintaining your position as a sustainable frontrunner. Through our shared expertise on a wide range of sustainability topics and our experience in identifying clear-cut opportunities and threats for your organization, we can help make your organization future resilient.

The roadmap consists of four different, but intertwined modules. Combined, these modules will provide you with a comprehensive toolbox enabling the transition of your organization towards a future proof economy.

More information on each of the modules can be found below.

Sustainability Consulting process

Sustainability Consulting Modules

This module, based on Dr2 Consultants’ existing European Green Deal Impact Scan, assists companies primarily in identifying relevant EU (and international) policies that will have an impact on their business. In addition, it serves to provide an assessment of the overall impact and opportunities of these policies on the company’s activities. It therefore provides a framework for companies to develop or adjust their corporate sustainability strategy at board level.

The Policy Impact Scan will support you to:

  • Map existing and upcoming EU policy and legislative initiatives, as well as global policy trends (including the UN Sustainable Development Goals) that are relevant to your organization;
  • Analyze the impact of these policy and legislative initiatives and trends on your activities and supply chain, including reporting obligations;
  • Identify risks and opportunities arising from policy and legislative developments.

This Sustainability Consulting module assists companies in identifying relevant EU funding opportunities that could benefit their operations of specific projects. In addition, it serves to assess the (medium- to long-term) impact of EU policies with regards to taxation, carbon pricing and costs of raw materials, as well as general investment trends, on their businesses.

The module also serves as a solid basis for a company to explore in more detail the process of applying for relevant EU funds.

The Financial Impact Scan will support you to:

  • Map relevant EU funding opportunities;
  • Analyze the financial impact of EU policy and legislative initiatives on your activities (carbon pricing, taxation, investment opportunities);
  • Prepare for applications to identified EU funding opportunities.

In cooperation with our expert partners:

Building on the policy impact, this module helps businesses decide on their general sustainability ambition and develop or update their sustainability strategy accordingly. On this basis, the module provides support to companies in establishing the correct corporate governance framework for the successful realization of their strategy.

The Sustainability Strategy and Corporate Governance module will support you to:

  • Assess your company’s strategic alignment with (upcoming) EU legislation and SDGs;
  • Define the priority areas for actions against values and ambition;
  • Engage with stakeholders;
  • Define sustainability targets and KPIs;
  • Embed the strategy into your company, advising on governance;
  • Evaluate and improve your corporate sustainability strategy.

In cooperation with our expert partners:

Either building on the previous Sustainability Consulting modules or as a stand-alone service, the “operational” module will support companies in taking concrete steps in identifying their environmental footprint and taking the necessary actions to mitigate their impact on the environment.

The Operational module will support you to:

  • Analyze your company’s operational impact in terms of emissions and resources (Impact Calculator);
  • Analyze and improve sustainable procurement, buildings and facility management;
  • Identify and participate in sustainable coalitions with supply chain partners;
  • Develop and execute concrete roadmaps with underlying action plans to guide you in your transition.

Find out more about this module on PHI Factory’s website.

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